Monday, January 20, 2014

Nominations are OPEN for the 10th Cosmo Awards!

It's time to vote! Nominations are now open for the Tenth Mostly-Annual Cosmique Movie Awards.

The deadline to vote is Friday, February 21, 2014 at midnight, so that gives you about a month to make notes, catch up on last-minute considerations, and fill out your ballot either in MS Word, plain text, or online.

Don't worry if you haven't seen a lot of the Oscar-bait movies. We've always maintained that the Cosmo Awards are as much about what we're drawn to watch as they are about what we enjoyed watching. Whether you're into Oscar hopefuls, high brow indie art films, summer blockbusters, chick flicks, trashy sexploitation comedies, epic historical films, sword and sorcery flicks, superheroes -- whatever you're into, your opinion still matters to us. And we'll keep your votes confidential.

Remember, it's okay to vote early. If you change your mind about anything, simply email a note explaining your changes to the email address listed in the ballot form.

Category Changes

This year, we're making two changes to categories, both expansive.

  1. Last year, we revived the Best Performance by a Young Actor or Actress category after a ten year hiatus. This year we've decided to expand it into separate male and female categories. 
  2. Many of the most-nominated films in Cosmo history are either Science Fiction or Fantasy films, making that category often one of the most competitive. Recognizing that, we've decided to split it into separate Best Fantasy Film and Best Science Fiction Film categories.

Nomination Process

You are allowed to vote for up to five different nominees in each category. You do not have to fill in all five slots if you don't want, and you can ignore entire categories if you want. You cannot vote for the same nominee multiple times in a single category. However, passion counts, and for that reason we allow you to mark one of your nominees with a Power Vote, which has the effect of giving it extra weight. The Power Vote is optional and can only be used for one of your five nominees, not for a sixth different film or performance.

We have provided some scope notes for each category, but ultimately it's up to each individual voter to decide whether a particular performance counts as Leading or Supporting, whether a film appropriate fits in a particular genre category, and so forth. If you have an unconventional opinion about a particular nominee, you are free to lobby your fellow voters.

Nomination Resources

The nomination process can be challenging and intimidating. We've pulled together some resources to help you make your decisions.
  1. Download our List of Eligible Films and make notes about which ones you've seen.
  2. Download the Ballot Worksheet in PDF or MS Word formats to make notes about how you plan to vote. The worksheet includes scope notes for each category, including list of potential nominees that have received buzz from other award shows.
  3. Consider reading some of our reviews of 2013 films for other ideas. 


Ballots are due by Friday, February 21, 2014. There are a few different ways to vote:

  1. Download a ballot in MS Word or Plain Text format, complete it, and email it to
  2. Vote online: 
If you want to change any of your nominations before the February 21 deadline, simply email the email address listed on the ballot form and explain the changes you want to make.

Happy voting!

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