Saturday, March 9, 2019

Nominations open for the 2018 Cosmique Movie Awards

The Oscars are over, and now it's your turn to react. Did your favorites win? Were they even nominated? The Cosmique Movie Awards are your chance to react with -- and against -- the other major movie awards. You get to pick the winners...and the nominees.

The 2018 awards categories are mostly unchanged since last year, with one slight tweak. Last year, we decided to set aside the negative categories (Worst Film, Most Over-Rated Film, and Worst Performance) in favor of a handful of one-off, potentially one-time-only awards. Those included Best Cameo, Favorite Female Empowerment Film, and Best Movie Soundtrack.

This year, we're doing the same with one slight adjustment. There were so many great cameos in 2018, we decided to split it into separate Male and Female categories.

In addition, Stan Lee, the famous creator of numerous Marvel comics characters, passed away in 2018. He was known for having cameos in every Marvel film, and last year may have set a record for the most cameos in a calendar year. In his honor, we're creating a one-time-only third cameo award for just Stan Lee Cameos. Yes, that's right, three cameo awards: Best Female Cameo, Best Non-Stan Lee Male Cameo, and Best Stan Lee Cameo.

(Whatever, you knew we were ridiculous years ago.)

Nomination Resources

We have created a list of film eligible for the 2018 Cosmique Movie Awards. This is based on the list of films eligible for the Academy Awards, which we have supplemented with additional films that were only on the film festival circuit before being available on DVD or streaming.

We have also created a "buzzworthy" list of potential nominees. This is based on films that received nominations at similar awards, or were on Gold Derby critics' list of predicted nominees, supplemented with our own thoughts. These are only intended as ideas to get your wheels turning. Feel free to nominate any eligible film or performance that strikes your fancy.

Nomination Rules

  • Lifetime Achievement films are only open to films released in 2017 or prior (in other words, not films eligible for regular awards in the current or future award years). 
  • Lifetime Achievement nominees cannot be previous winners of the same award, as they are already in the Hall of Fame.
  • For the other categories, films must have been theatrically released in 2018 or were not available to general theater-goers before 2018 (such as a 2017 film festival movie that came out on DVD in 2018).
  • For each award, you may nominate up to six different films or performances. You may not make the same nomination more than once in the same category.
  • For each award, you have the option of giving a Power Vote to one of your nominees. This gives it extra weight, the same as if you voted for it twice. Passion counts, but not too much.
  • Nominations are due by midnight PDT on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

Nomination Ballots

Last Year's Winners

If you missed it (and you probably did because we were terrible about announcing it properly), check out last year's winners alone and alongside their fellow nominees.

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