Saturday, May 5, 2018

2017 Cosmo Nominations Announced

Wonder Woman breaks Cosmo records with 27 nominations

Wonder Woman achieved a record 27 nominations for the 2017 Cosmique Movie Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Drama.

The film breaks the previous record of 26 nominations set by The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in 2003.

Other top nominees include The Shape of Water with 12 nominations, and Call Me By Your Name and Get Out with 11 each. Each is also nominated for Best Film of 2017 along with Dunkirk and a surprise nomination for The Killing of a Sacred Deer, the film’s only nomination.

Wonder Woman’s other nominations include a Best Director nomination for Patty Jenkins, a Best Actress nomination for Gal Gadot, supporting nods for Chris Pine and Lucy Davis, and a nomination in a new, one-off special category this year: Favorite Female Empowerment Film of 2017. Jenkins’ nomination was propelled by Wonder Woman’s other nominations: the Cosmos use an algorithm that combines performance at other directing awards as well as Cosmo nominations weighted by category to determine Best Director nominees. While Jenkins had been shut out of the Oscars and other major film awards, the film’s record Cosmo nods easily landed her a Best Director nomination.

Other Best Director nods went to Guillermo Del Toro for The Shape of Water, Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird, Luca Guadagnino for Call Me By Your Name, Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk, and Jordan Peele for Get Out.

Cosmo voters went with less serious picks for the Best Film of All Time Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame, with first-time nominations for Alien, Double Indemnity, Pink Flamingoes, and West Side Story. In addition, Ghostbusters (1984) and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? each received their second nominations for the award.

With the Cosmo’s somewhat relaxed views on gender conformity, John Waters’ muse Divine received unexpected nominations for both the Best Actress and Best Comedic Actress Halls of Fame awards, and Cosmo insiders revealed that she very nearly made history by also being nominated in the corresponding actor categories.

Other Actress Hall of Fame nominees include Kathy Bates, Jane Fonda, Judy Garland, Jessica Lange, and Barbara Stanwyck, with Sandra Bullock, Tiny Fey, Diane Keaton, Mae West, and Kristen Wiig receiving Comedic Actress nominations.

Best Actor Hall of Fame nominees include Humphrey Bogart, Daniel Day-Lewis, Henry Fonda, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Olivier, and Orson Welles, with Comedic Actor nominations going to Jack Black, Jim Carrey, John Cleese, W.C. Fields, Buster Keaton, and Groucho Marx. Daniel Day-Lewis also received a Best Actor of 2017 nomination for Phantom Thread.

A total of 78 different films and 92 individuals received one or more Cosmo nods this year.

Check out the list of 2017 nominees.

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