Friday, February 14, 2014

The easiest way to vote

There's only one week left to cast your nominations for the 2013 Cosmique Movie Awards. Nomination ballots are due on Friday, February 21, 2014 by midnight!

That gives us one week to process the ballots before the nominations are announced on Sunday, March 2nd during the Oscars.

I know, I know, the ballot seems so long and intimidating. So here's a little tip for voting.

The easiest way to vote

Use the MS Word Ballot.

That's it. That's the tip. Nothing could be simpler. Use the MS Word Ballot.

The MS Word ballot includes scope notes for every category. Confused about what constitutes cinematography, set design, and art direction? No worries, we explain it for you right in the ballot. Can't think of movies? For every category, we've provided a list of potential nominees based on films and performances that received nominations at other awards, got a lot of industry buzz, or simply inspired ourselves. But don't worry, you aren't limited to those films provided it's an eligible 2013 film.

If you have an older version of Word, we think this will still work for you, but please let us know if it doesn't and we'll try to fix it.

What if I don't have Word?

If you don't have MS Word, there are two other ways to vote:

  1. Download the Plain Text ballot; or
  2. Vote online (scroll to the bottom)
These options don't include the scope notes and suggested nominees, so consider using these other resources below.

Additional Resources

Don't forget to vote by Friday, February 21, 2014 by midnight!

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